If you find yourself walking the aisles of Autozone wondering how you’re going to cover the cost of your car repairs, you’re not the only one. In-person store prices often tend to lean on the more expensive side. However, there is a way to save. Here are some reasons why you should skip the trip to the auto store and save money by shopping for used auto parts online.

Lowest Wholesale Price

When shopping for used auto parts online, you’re guaranteed to find lower prices than in-person. A brick-and-mortar store has to mark up the price to cover expenses like property taxes, utility bills, maintenance fees, and more. Online sellers are free from those charges to offer you the lowest price. By shopping online, you could save up to thousands of dollars, especially with our price-matching services.

Less Likely to Get the Wrong Part

Another way you can save money by shopping for used auto parts online, is by buying the right part every time. One advantage of an in-person store is you can get your hands on the part and inspect it yourself, but you can’t do that online until the part gets to you. However, online sellers make up for that by providing detailed information so you know exactly what you’re buying. Most online sellers also have additional features on their websites to help you find the exact part you’re looking for. These features include:

Customer Reviews

Unlike an in-person store, online sellers offer access to customer reviews. You’re less likely to buy the wrong part or waste money on a broken part if you have other people commenting on the seller’s service and reliability.

OEM Serial Number

To make sure you have the exact part, check the serial number located on the part or its packaging. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has serial numbers on all their parts. As long the number matches your old part, it will work for your car.

Parts Locating Service

Our website offers a locating service that can help you locate your used auto parts online. Just enter your make and model into our quick form and it will find you the exact part you need.

Wide Selection

Another advantage of shopping for used auto parts online is the wide selection. In-person stores only have a limited amount of storage space. They might only carry one or two different brands, but online sellers offer unlimited options including hard-to-find parts. As long as you keep your make and model in mind when shopping for used auto parts online, you should have no problem locating the exact part you need.

More Convenient

In-person auto stores might be more convenient for unexpected breakdowns, but that’s assuming the in-person part store is open and has the part you’re looking for in stock. When shopping online, you’re a lot more likely to be able to find and order the part you need. Buying used auto parts online is especially convenient for parts that need to be replaced more often than others, you can save frequent trips to the auto store and instead have them delivered straight to your door.

Protected Investment

For both online and in-person sellers, there’s always a possibility of ordering the wrong part. If you do end up with the wrong part or the wrong part, most online sellers offer warranties to protect your investment. When shopping for used auto parts online be sure to read through the seller’s return policy. You’ll want a warranty that covers you for at least 30 days. We offer a free one-year warranty an free shipping for all your used parts purchases. If you end up with the wrong part, or it breaks, you can rest easy that you can return your part and get your money back.

Quality Parts at the Lowest Prices

Your car repairs don’t have to break your budget. We offer quality parts at the lowest price so you can get your car running again without the extra cost. Along with our wide selection of parts to choose from, we also offer a free one-year warranty and free shipping so you can rest easy knowing your purchase is protected. So save yourself some time and money and contact us today for a free quote on your used auto parts.

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