A broken transmission is the last thing that any car owner wants to deal with, because it’s pretty much impossible to drive without one. Broken transmissions are so dreaded because they’re associated with really high costs: think thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements. But that’s not always the case. Replacing your broken transmission doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly expensive, and it’s completely possible to find a fantastic transmission that doesn’t break the bank. Today, we’re giving you a quick rundown of all things transmissions, from what they do to how you can replace yours in a cost-effective way. Let’s get started.

What Your Transmission Does

Your transmission basically makes sure your car goes the speed you want it to. It does this by shifting gears, bringing power from your car’s engine to its wheels. Both automatic and manual cars have transmissions, and their purpose is the same.

Signs Your Transmission is Failing or Broken

There are several signs to consider if you’re worried that your transmission is shot. If you drive a manual car, the most obvious issue you’ll experience is trouble shifting gears with your clutch. Similarly, if your car begins to regularly slip gears, it’s another sign that your transmission is in trouble. This is a major safety hazard; if you’re experiencing it, refrain from driving and see a trusted mechanic as soon as possible to get a diagnosis. Transmission issues can also present through leaks in your car, a lit “check engine” light, grinding or screeching noises when you’re trying to speed up, or jerking and shaking when you try to accelerate. If your car is exhibiting one or more of these signs, it’s likely that you’ll need to be replacing a broken transmission sooner rather than later.

How to Replace Your Transmission without Spending Thousands

That’s pretty much the last thing a driver wants to hear. With that said, replacing a broken transmission doesn’t have to mean depleting your bank account. One of the most common misconceptions about car owners is that it’s necessary to get a transmission brand-new. That’s not always the case: there are plenty of high-quality, like-new used transmissions out there. Because car parts devalue as soon as they’re used, previously owned transmissions are much more affordable than brand-new ones. On top of that, depending on their mileage and wear and tear, used transmissions can function pretty much identically to their used counterparts. If you want to replace your broken transmission without completely breaking the bank, it’s worth considering a used one.

What to Look for in Your Used Transmission Dealer

The most important thing you can do to make sure you choose a quality used transmission that lasts is to purchase it from a parts dealer you can trust. As you consider different used transmission dealers, make sure you look for a few things:

  • Every car part the dealer sells is protected by a warranty of at least one year.
  • The dealer has overall positive reviews and testimonials from previous customers.
  • The dealer guarantees that all car parts they sell are Grade-A quality, regardless of whether they’re used.

These three signs are hugely important, because they are ways to verify that your investment will be protected and your experience will be positive. If you find a dealer who makes it easy to search for a new-to-you transmission and who offers all of the signs above, you’ll have come to the right place.

Dealing with a broken transmission doesn’t have to be super expensive. Finding a high-quality used transmission is an excellent alternative to spending thousands of dollars on a brand-new one. To search for the right used transmission for your car, and get a free quote on it, click here.

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