Transmissions are notoriously pricey to repair and replace, so if yours has been giving you trouble, it’s natural to be concerned about the expenses. However, when it comes to getting a high-quality transmission, there are more options than you might think – on of them, in particular, allows you to get a quality car part without breaking the bank. Today, we’re revealing some industry secrets and underrated ways that you can get a great transmission for a low price, while resting assured that your car remains in excellent condition for years to come. Let’s get started.

The Key: a Previously Owned Transmission

If you found a previously owned car in excellent condition and with low mileage (and a price tag thousands of dollars below its brand-new counterparts), chances are that you’d consider choosing it, right? The same principle applies to previously owned transmissions. There are so many lightly used, like-new transmissions for a low price out there. Investing in one, particularly if a transmission replacement wasn’t something you were expecting or budgeting for, is a fantastic way to get your car back into top shape without having to worry about an unforeseen four-figure expense.

Just as is the case with buying a used car, the key to getting a quality previously owned transmission is in choosing a dealer who you can trust to give you honest feedback and fair prices. In order to do so, go for a used transmission dealer who has the following:

A professional, easy-to-navigate website that allows you to explore your options

User-friendly searches on their website that allow you to choose what you need based on your car’s specifications

Accessible positive reviews from previous customers

A free one-year warranty that protects you should anything go wrong with your new (to you) transmission within the first year

Customer-friendly policies, like free shipping and low rates

Grade-A quality parts

The option to give you a free quote so that you can compare prices with other providers and make the best decision for you

Getting your back into great shape doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank or making unexpected sacrifices. In fact, it means you have more options than you think. By working with a trustworthy and reliable car parts dealer to find a great previously owned transmission for a low price, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars and getting your car back into excellent condition.

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