Owning a car also means experiencing occasional engine problems, especially as your car gains more miles. Sometimes fixing your engine problems can be as easy as replacing a damaged part, but sometimes you may need a new engine altogether. When this happens to you, it can be difficult to tell when it’s serious, but we can help you determine when it’s time for a new engine.

Your Car Lags When Accelerating

Whenever something goes wrong with your engine, you’re likely to experience lagging when you accelerate. It’s one of the first and most common signs that you are experiencing engine problems. Potential causes can include issues with your ignition system, sensors, and fuel system. You’ll likely need a full engine inspection from a mechanic you trust to diagnose the problem. It could be a simple fix like replacing a spark plug, but for more extensive damage, you might need to replace your engine altogether. We recommend asking your local mechanic to recommend the right option for your vehicle.

Your Car has Increasingly Bad Gas Mileage

As your car gains miles, it’s more likely your gas mileage will become worse. If you notice yourself refueling more often than normal, you might be experiencing major engine problems. Bad gas mileage is the result of an inefficient engine, and more frequent refueling can start to weigh on your wallet. In these situations, it might be more cost-effective to replace the engine.

Smoke is Coming out of Your Tailpipe

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, figuratively and sometimes literally. When there is smoke in the exhaust, that’s a neon sign that your engine is wearing out. Just like red means stop and green means go, the color of the smoke means something. By learning the difference between the colors, you can identify the root problem.

Blue Smoke

When you see blue smoke exiting your exhaust, your engine is burning oil. The culprit could be worn valve guide seals, damaged piston rings, or poor crankcase ventilation.

White Smoke

When there’s persistent white or light gray smoke in your exhaust, your engine is rather burning coolant or it has a broken head gasket.

Black Smoke

If there’s black smoke in your exhaust, your engine is burning too much fuel. This is most likely from an issue with your fuel system.
No matter what shade, smoke is never good for your engine. For your safety’s sake, don’t drive your car until after you take it to an auto repair shop. In most cases, it will be safer for you and better for your car to replace the faulty engine.

Your Engine Won’t Start

When your engine refuses to start, it’s rather you have a dead battery or you have some engine problems. To diagnose the cause, listen to the sound your engine makes when you start it. If it makes a clicking noise then it’s an issue with your battery or your ignition system. If your engine cranks continuously without starting, then you should examine your fuel system. When either one of these systems fails, it can quickly cause severe damage to your engine. A mechanic can tell you if you only need to replace parts or if you need a new engine.

Your Engine is Overheating

Florida weather often means hot weather, which means your engine is likely to overheat. However, an engine that continuously overheats is not normal. This could be your engine’s way of telling you that it’s been running too hard for too long, or it could be a sign of more severe engine problems. Your engine could have a broken water pump, thermostat, or head gasket, or it has reached the end of its lifespan. When this happens, do not continue to drive your car or put a strain on it. Instead, take it to a mechanic as soon as you can.

Your Engine is Making a Knocking Noise

When you are driving do you hear a strange noise coming from your engine? Knocking is a common engine problem, and can become a serious issue when left unchecked. Most of the time, bad oil causes the knocking noise. Try replacing your existing oil is new, clean oil that is higher in octane. If the noise continues, take it to a mechanic. You’ll most likely need to replace damaged parts or replace your engine altogether.

Backed By Excellent Warranties

A new engine isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We offer used engines that are not only affordable but also backed by our excellent warranties. If you’re looking to replace your engine on a budget, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free quote on your used engine.

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