Lately, you may have found yourself on the side of the road with your dashboard flashing like a Christmas tree at you, leaving you wondering whether the transmission of your car is on the way out. Issues with your transmission can be taxing to your situation, especially for your wallet. Before you start counting pennies, there could be a simple solution. We can help you get a better grasp on your transmission and give you the best information on whether to go for a transmission flush or a new transmission.

The Transmission Dilemma

The transmission is at the heart of your car, getting you from point A to B as it shifts you into the gear you need. But just like any other part, it can and will break down eventually. When your transmission is breaking down and slowing down, then you can go one of two ways. Either you need to get a transmission flush or cut your losses and go for a new transmission.

Reasons To Go With a Transmission Flush

Going for this first option is like starting fresh with your car’s system. For this, you will be removing all the old transmission fluid and cleansing it with new fluid. This has a bit of a detox effect and takes care of issues such as rough shifting, gears that are slipping, and delayed starts. However, this isn’t a fix-all; it’s more of a simple boost to how your car operates. If you want to give your car a health kick and better the chances of it living a longer life, then a transmission flush is for you. If your transmission is on its deathbed however, it won’t help reverse your situation.

When You Need To Look For a New Transmission

This is where you have to bite the bullet and accept your trusty old transmission’s time is done no matter what you do to try and salvage it. The signs of this being the case are if it starts grinding or clunking, there’s a smell of burning, or if your car’s incapable of shifting into gear.
However, a brand-new transmission isn’t cheap. This is where Sir Car Part can come to the rescue. We have a wide range of used transmissions that are still good quality, which means you can pay less and get back on the road in no time.

How To Decide Between a Transmission Flush or a Replacement

To make this choice, you need to weigh up a few factors, such as:


The first telltale sign is if the transmission failure is severe and not just slight. For example, if your engine is having trouble starting, or you have trouble steering, then a transmission flush may just be buying you a short time before you have to get rid of it.


Getting a transmission flush will mean you won’t have to dip as much into your wallet. However, if your transmission is already near the end, then you could be wasting your money.

The Age and Condition of Your Vehicle

If your car is relatively new, you likely just need a transmission flush. But if your car is older, but still in good condition, then a quality used transmission can extend its lifespan.

Sir Car Part is the Solution

We fully understand how it is for you as a car owner. It’s a balancing act between needing your car working and keeping your spending as down as possible. That’s why we’ve set up our business to help out any drivers who are down and out with cars. We’ve got plenty of experience to know that you don’t have to spend big to get a reliable motor. Instead, you can select one of our quality used engines and transmissions for your car without the huge bill.

So, if your transmission is giving you hassle you don’t need, you can browse our wide range of used engines and transmissions on the site. We’ll help you find the one that’s perfect for you without the stress of having to cover a dealership-level cost. We’re not just in the trade of selling parts at Sir Car Part; we’re giving your car the boost it deserves. Contact us to get a free quote on our range of used engines and transmissions today to see how we can help you.

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