Too many car owners are unaware of the benefits of used car parts. If you need to replace a big-ticket car part, like an engine or transmission, the prospect of dropping thousands of dollars unexpectedly on a brand-new replacement can be daunting. Here’s the thing: it’s completely possible to opt for high-quality, long-lasting used parts, instead. By working with a reliable dealer to purchase Grade-A used car parts, you can save hundreds of dollars for a comparable piece. Today, we’re going over some of the biggest benefits of choosing used car parts over brand-new ones. Let’s go ahead and dive in.

Long-term Value

The most obvious perk of choosing to go with used car parts is that they can be a major money-saver up front (we’re talking a difference of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars). However, when you choose high-quality car parts, you can also get a great value long term. By working with a dealer who only sells Grade-A car parts, you can make sure that your investment is one that lasts for years. Grade-A parts have minimal mileage and wear-and-tear, meaning that they perform comparably to brand-new ones at a fraction of the price. If you want to set your car up for excellent performance long term without breaking the bank, consider investing in Grade-A used parts.

Like-new Performance

You can get like-new performance out of used car parts for a much lower price tag. Think about it this way: generally speaking, a brand-new car starts to devalue as soon as you drive away from the lot. The same can be said for its parts. Even lightly used car parts are considerably cheaper than brand new ones, even though their performance is virtually the same. Grade-A car parts have minimal to no physical imperfections on them, as well as no more than 60,000 total miles (or less than 15,000 miles per year) of wear and tear. By investing in quality used parts, you can get like-new performance for a significant discount.

Warranty Protection

The best way to protect your investment is to make sure you work with a used parts dealer who offers reasonable warranty coverage. Always work with a dealer who offers warranties of at least one year on all their parts. This will give you some breathing room to make sure that your investment is protected – and the parts are working as they should – for at least 12 months after purchase. Warranty protection is a must-have when it comes to investing in used parts that pay off long-term.

Price Matching

It’s also a great idea to inquire with your parts dealer about whether they are willing to price match for comparable parts. That way, you can make sure that you’re working with the dealer you trust the most while getting the best possible deal. By protecting your investment with a warranty and making sure that your dealer honors competitive prices, you’ll be able to set yourself up for a best-case scenario.

The benefits of used car parts are considerable, and it’s completely possible to get a great deal out of your used car parts, both up front and long-term. To get a free quote on used car parts from a dealer you can trust, click here.

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