If you’re having to look into getting an engine for your car, there’s a good chance that this is an expense you may not have seen coming. When major car parts like engines and transmissions experience problems, finding an effective yet affordable option can seem tricky. If you’re looking at a major car expense that you weren’t prepared for, rest assured that you have more options than you may think. More and more drivers are opting to go with pre-owned car engines over new ones. Though each option has its pros and cons, choosing to buy a new or used car engine is a major decision. We’re here to help make sure you have the information you need in order to make the most informed choice possible. Which is best for you: a new or used car engine? Let’s find out.

New Engines Explained

Traditionally, buying a “new” car engine was perceived by buyers as the best option. However, as time has passed, making more options and information available, this is being called into question. Let’s dive into the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing a car engine brand-new.

The Cons of a New Engine

There’s a reason why more and more car owners are turning to used engines, and it starts with cost-effectiveness. New engines are extremely costly when compared to previously used ones of similar quality. On top of that, with growing environmental concerns, people are increasingly hesitant about the wastefulness of buying a brand-new engine instead of a lightly used one. Between the high costs, environmental impact, and the relative similarities between a brand-new engine and a high-quality used one, it’s common for drivers of all backgrounds to consider used engines over new ones.

Used Engines Explained

Used engines come in a variety of different conditions and wear levels. Generally speaking, buying a quality used engine starts with finding a dealer you can trust. When looking for a reliable used engine dealer, look for a user-friendly website, transparent price quotes, and excellent reviews from previous customers. Once you find a reliable dealer, you will be well on your way to finding a great engine for a reasonable price.

The Pros of a Used Engine

The increasing popularity of used engines speaks to the many benefits of choosing this option over brand-new parts. While new engines are usually praised for coming with great warranties, used engines often do, too (again: this is where finding a reliable engine dealer comes in handy). Many drivers are given the chance to test out their new engine for at least a few weeks or months in order to make sure everything is working as it should. On top of that, used engines are a much more sustainable option than brand-new ones; by opting to recycle a lightly-used engine, you’ll be reducing the amount of mechanical waste associated with your car.

Of course, used car engines are cheaper than brand-new ones: engines depreciate very quickly in value, which means that it’s common for you to find a high-quality, like-new used engine for a much lower price than a brand-new one (with virtually no difference in performance).

The Cons of a Used Engine

In order to ensure that you get a high-quality used engine, look out for potential cons to avoid. Make sure that the engine you’re considering has a decent warranty and that the dealer you’re working with has good reviews and testimonials from used customers. Working with an unreliable dealer or not doing your due diligence when buying an engine could result in a lower-quality engine that doesn’t last as long as it should. When you buy a used engine, there’s a chance that it’ll have a lower lifespan than a brand-new one. However, you should be able to trust your dealer to make sure that you get the best deal possible for the best parts available.

Setting up your car for long-term success means understanding your options for replacing its engine. No matter whether you choose a new or used car engine, always make sure that you start off with dealer you can trust to give you both a good deal and a high-quality engine. If you’d like to further explore your options when it comes to high-quality used engines, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free quote.

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