Getting a new engine for your car can be a tough expense – especially if it’s an investment you weren’t prepared for. With that said, you have options for getting a high-quality, long-lasting replacement car engine that doesn’t break the bank – and it starts with considering buying a used engine. When you work with a trusted, reputable engine dealer to purchase a great used car engine, you’re able to extend your car’s lifetime and get virtually all of the benefits of a brand-new engine for a fraction of the price. Today, we’re going over how you can make sure you find a reliable used engine, as well as why it can be such a great investment to opt for previously owned over brand-new. Let’s get started.

Quality Counts – Here’s How to Make Sure You Find It

Of course, the benefits of buying a used engine for your car depend on the reliability of your engine dealer and, as a result, the quality of the engine itself. In order to make sure you’re getting the best possible car parts for an affordable price, look out for the following:


An engine dealer with excellent reviews from previous customers not just on their website, but on third-party platforms like Yelp and Google Reviews.


Transparency from your dealer, including a willingness to provide free price quotes and advice about what you should look for in a replacement engine.


A good warranty. Always work with a dealer who offers a warranty that allows you to test out an engine in your car for at least a few weeks.


Get the lowest mileage possible within your price range. The lower the mileage in your used engine, the longer it’s likely to perform like new. Set a budget and find the highest-quality, lowest-mileage engine that fits into it.

It’s More Affordable

The biggest benefit of buying a used engine for your car over a brand-new one is that a previously owned engine is likely to be much more affordable – and, along with that, it’s likely to perform comparably or even identically. Brand-new cars – and car parts – devalue very quickly once they are used. That means that an engine with only 10-20,000 miles on it will perform virtually the same as a brand-new one, but it’ll cost significantly less. Even engines with a bit more mileage on them can be excellent alternatives if you want to keep your car running without spending thousands that you weren’t expecting to shell out. When we talk about affordability, we mean up-front costs as well as long-term value; when you work with a good dealer to get a quality used engine, you get both.

You’ll Have a Warranty

Always go for an engine that’s covered by warranty. This is especially important for used engines, because you’ll want to make sure that the engine you purchase is a good fit for your car – not to mention ensuring that it performs well. When considering different engine dealers, inquire about their warranty and satisfaction guarantees. If a company offers warranties on their engines, you can have some peace of mind in knowing that you’ll be covered.

Buying a used engine that you can trust starts with working alongside a dealer you can count on. At Sir Car Part, our mission is to help customers find excellent engines at affordable prices. To learn about your car engine options and to get a free quote on a reliable used engine for your car, just click here.

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