Finding a reliable used transmission comes down to prioritizing a few key qualities throughout your search. Ultimately, the best value you can find is a transmission that’s set up to last you long-term, all the while performing like a new part, at a more affordable price point than a brand-new transmission would be. Do these parts even exist? The short answer is yes, and finding them is as easy as working with Sir Car Part. Why can you trust us to deliver on a reliable used transmission that’ll work great long-term? We were hoping you’d ask. Let’s dive in.

Grade A or Bust

The first thing you should know before diving into your transmission search is that there’s an easy, foolproof way to make sure you’re only looking at the highest-quality parts out there. Used car parts are graded by the Automotive Recyclers’ Association, and the highest rating a car part can achieve is Grade A. In order to obtain this rating, a transmission must meet a series of rigorous standards, including minimal damage and mileage along with maximal performance. Specific criteria include:

  • Less than 60,000 total miles on the part, or an average of 15,000 miles or less per year.
  • A total amount of damage that’s smaller than one unit, or approximately the size of a credit card.

Investing in a Grade A part means getting the best structural integrity you can find, which results in like-new performance for a much smaller price tag than you would get with a brand-new transmission. At Sir Car Part, we are proud to deal exclusively with Grade A car parts, meaning that you can trust the quality of every transmission we have available.

A Great Warranty

Ultimately, the best thing you can get in order to guarantee a part’s reliability is a generous warranty from your dealer. You should be able to make sure that the part you’ve purchased works for and with your car: does it drive as smoothly as advertised? Does it perform well weeks and months down the line? Guaranteeing the quality of your transmission is crucial to protecting your investment, which is why it’s so important only to buy a used car part that’s protected under a warranty of at least one year. A year gives you plenty of time to ensure that the car part performs exactly as you intended it to. No matter how great a car part looks, not being protected under warranty is a major red flag. Your peace of mind is a priority to us at Sir Car Part; that’s one of the reasons why all of our parts are protected under warranties of at least one year. When you work with us, you can trust that you’re getting the best, most reliable used transmission you can find.

The Best Prices, Guaranteed

Of course, the purpose of investing in a great used car part is to get comparable performance to brand-new parts without the huge price tag that comes with getting them brand-new. At Sir Car Part, we want to make sure that your investment is protected from the very beginning. That’s why we don’t just offer free quotes on car parts, but we actually match price quotes. If you get a better quote for the same parts from another dealer, we will work with you to make sure you get the best value with us. Our priority is to help you find the parts you need at a price point that works for you, and we are committed to making that happen.

If you’re looking for a reliable used transmission, Sir Car Part is here to make sure you get it. Ready to get started? Simply click here to request a free quote on the parts you need..

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