It’s never a good time to have your transmission give out, but there are plenty of options available for getting a good transmission that doesn’t break the bank. If you want to get a good deal on a new transmission, it’s important to work with a dealer you can trust – and to consider all of the options available to you. By being diligent and thorough in your search for the right transmission, you’ll make sure that you choose a part that works for you long-term. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind.

Don’t Rule Out Used Parts

This is especially valuable if you weren’t planning to have to replace your transmission. Major car parts like these can get very expensive, and the price difference between brand-new and gently used transmissions is sometimes massive. If you weren’t anticipating the cost of a transmission, if your car is on the older side, or if you’re simply curious about exploring the price difference between a new transmission and an old one, we highly recommend considering used parts. When you work with a reliable dealer, you’re likely to find very high-quality previously owned transmissions for a significantly lower price than if you went with a brand-new one.

Find a Legit Dealer

The most important part of buying a transmission – new or used – is working with a dealer you know you can trust. Always look into a dealer’s online reviews, and search beyond the ones displayed on their website. Google and Yelp are your best friends in this situation; it’s important to hear about other customers’ experiences. Though used transmissions are cheaper than brand-new ones, they’re still an investment – not to mention a pivotal part of your car. It’s crucial to make sure that when you get a good deal on a new transmission, you’re also getting a good-quality, long-lasting car part.

Research and Cross-Reference

If you find a dealer who allows you to search for a transmission on their website based on your car’s make, model, and year, then offers you multiple options, you’ve probably found a good resource. It’s important to cross-reference when searching for major car parts. Compare different reputable dealers to find out what they charge for parts. Don’t be afraid to ask your trusted dealer in-depth questions about a part you’re considering; they’re here to help you, and they should be happy to make this process as easy as possible for you.

Make Sure Your Car is in Good Shape

Getting a good deal on a new transmission doesn’t just mean paying a lower price for a high-quality product; it means making sure that product is set up to last a long time. That starts with taking care of your car. Before your new (to you) transmission is installed, make sure to get an oil change if you need one and overall inspect your car for any issues that could affect your new transmission. By making sure your car is in good condition, you’ll be setting it up to stay that way for as long as possible once your transmission is replaced.

To get a good deal on a new transmission, find a reliable dealer, do your research, and set your car up for success. If you have any questions about getting a previously owned transmission or would like to get a free quote on your car part, please don’t hesitate to
reach out to us.

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