Have you ever been driving down the road without a care in the world, then all of a sudden, your car starts jolting like a bucking bronco? If you’ve ever experienced this, then you might be looking at a transmission that’s slipping. Transmission slipping happens when your car hesitates, jerks, or grinds to a halt when you try to get it into gear. But don’t worry, it may not be as serious as it seems. Here are some signs that you should look out for when your car starts acting up.

Signs Your Transmission Is Slipping

If you don’t know the signs of transmission slipping, it can seem like something is seriously wrong with your car, but sometimes it may not be the case. When your transmission slips, it can be as simple as a trip to the mechanic, but if your car stops working or you experience your gears slipping often, it may be time for a new transmission altogether. Take a look at these common signs to determine if this may be the case for your car.

The Acceleration Delaying or Hesitating

The first telltale sign of transmission slipping is when you put your foot down and your car hesitates to start or kick into gear. This can creep up on you unsuspectingly and then become a real problem in no time.

Gears Unexpectedly Changing

Another dreaded sign is when your car just randomly changes to another gear without you doing it. Gears should always move smoothly, especially if your car is automatic. If you have a manual transmission, gears should only shift when you change them. When they change up on you unexpectedly, it’s a sign something is wrong with your transmission.

Revs Being Higher While Your Speed Isn't Increasing

Have you ever stepped on the gas while your car is parked? That’s what a revving engine looks like. If you’re not in park and your engine is revving, it could be a sign that your transmission is slipping.

Finding It Hard To Shift Gears

This should never be an issue, whether you’re in a manual or automatic car. So, if you notice it’s an uphill struggle to get into gear, or when you’re in gear, it feels off, then it’s another clear indicator that the transmission is not healthy.

Odd Noises When You're in Neutral

You’ll hear these as a whine, a grind, or a clunking sound, and these are your car’s way of saying something is wrong! Noises like this are an indicator that the transmission is under stress and needs help.

The Dreaded Check Engine Light

This is your car’s way of taking you to one side to say, “We need to talk”, and it won’t stop letting you know until you deal with it. The light can mean a variety of problems, and one of these can be linked to the transmission slipping.

Transmission Fluid Leaking

If you notice a puddle of red fluid under your car it’s not gasoline or a coolant leak, it’s fluid from the transmission. This fluid keeps everything running smoothly. A leak can cause your gears to halt, create friction, or stop working altogether.

We Can Get Rid Of The Headaches With Your Transmission Slipping

You may be able to relate to some of these symptoms mentioned above, and if you do, don’t wait for the issue to resolve itself. If you look the other way and hope it goes away, you could be digging a deeper hole for yourself. The transmission will become more damaged as it’s working under stress, which can mean a bigger bill for you later. However, your transmission slipping doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to mend it.

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