Are you unable to go into reverse? Maybe your vehicle refuses to budge at all. When it comes to problems with switching gears, it’s likely a transmission issue. Here’s why.

How a Transmission Shifts Gears

There are two kinds of transmissions. One is automatic and the other is manual. While they both perform the same function, they achieve it in different ways. An automatic transmission relies on sensors and processors to shift gears. When you accelerate or switch speeds, the sensor will trigger a hydraulic pump, or torque converter, to pump transmission fluid and shift gears. In a manual transmission, you physically select the gears for different speeds with a clutch and stick shift. The clutch is the physical device inside the manual transmission that allows gears to shift.

When You Have a Transmission Issue,

This is what could happen. Since your transmission controls your gears, if you have a transmission issue, you might be unable to move or stay in gear. Vehicles with transmission issues won’t be able to reverse or shift gears quickly.

Other Shifting Issues

When your vehicle has transmission issues, there are other ways it can affect your gears besides preventing them from shifting. Here’s a couple other ways a transmission issue can affect your vehicle.

Hard shifting:
When transmission fluid isn’t properly circulated through the transmission then your gears won’t be lubricated. This can cause a jerk or delay as you accelerate, or make rough clunking noises. In a manual transmission, hard shifting can make it more difficult to get into the gear you need.
Dragging clutch:
In a manual transmission, if your clutch fails to disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel, it’s known as dragging clutch. As you press the clutch pedal with a dragging clutch, this can cause the gears to clash and the car to move when shifting gears. To fix this, you’d need to adjust the clutch or replace the clutch disk.
If either of these shifting problems are happening to your vehicle, then it’s a transmission issue. We recommend you take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Other Issues that Could Prevent You From Shifting

Sometimes being unable to shift could be a computer’s fault and not a transmission. As cars become more and more automated, computers take over the roles of gears and human error. One way it can interfere with your shifting is a shift lock malfunction. Many cars have shift locks to prevent you from switching into gear without having your foot on the brake. If there’s a malfunction, it may prevent you from shifting altogether. Another way your shifting can be disrupted is if your shifter and transmission have been disconnected.

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